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Turn your locs from dry and drab to MOIST and FAB!

Today, I need to do a vinegar/baking soda treatment because my locs are dry, dull, and for about the past week won’t hold a curl. My go to has been bantu knot outs!!

Follow along as I walk you through the steps of how I soak and rinse my hair without submerging it in the mixture.

**Benefits of ingredients on hair:

I love these because you can find them in your pantry on a normal basis.

ACV: Balances the hair and scalps pH which then flattens and closes the hair cuticle. This makes hair easier to detangle, shinier, stronger strands, and more moisturized.


Baking Soda: Helps to remove buildup of oils, ingredients found in typical hair care products, soaps, and shampoos. This will leave the hair clean, shiny, and soft.


Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Helps stimulate circulation for a healthy scalp removing any dandruff and flakes.


What You Will Need:

Baking Soda

ACV (I use Raw with the Mother but whatever ACV you have will work just fine)

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

-Random Spray Bottle

-Table Spoon

-Water (Any water will do but I have hard water, so I try not to use it when washing my hair because it makes my hair itch. But use what you normally would.)

-Shower Cap (I don’t have one so you will see grocery bags in the photos because they are so versatile, OF COURSE!!)

Step 1:

I mix all the ingredients into the spray bottle and SHAKE IT UP!

3 Tablespoons of ACV

2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons of Himalayan Pink Salt

4 or 5 oz of Water

(These measurements are not exact estimates as some fell in sink and I added a little more to the bottle but they give you an idea!)

Step 2:

Spray your hair from scalp to roots until it is saturated in the mixture!


After Spraying

Step 3:

Cover your hair and find something to do until you can no longer take the tingle! You can massage your scalp and hair through the cover from time to time. 

This is the perfect time to work on self-care tips I provided here or anything you need to do!

The rinse remained on my hair for about an hour and a half as I got caught up with homeschool life with my son.

Step 4:

Rinse your hair! I wash the mixture out thoroughly and leave it be. But you can follow your normal loc wash day routine!

Dirty water after rinsing out the mixture!!!

Step 5:

Let air dry, sit under the dryer, and/ or style. What I did was put extra virgin olive oil on my hand, rubbed it through my hair and on my scalp. Then proceeded to bantu knot. MY GO TO STYLE IS BANTU KNOT OUTS!

Wooolahh in 5 shorts steps you bring life back to your dry locs and are good to go UNTIL THE NEXT TIME!

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Have you tried the ACV or vinegar rinse? Did you like it? What natural alternatives do you use to cleanse your hair?

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