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December 2018 I began to commit more to a healthier lifestyle…this was not the easiest because I had a husband who was open but still skeptical and a 10 year old who knew exactly what is best for his life as we all have and was not on board for not eating bacon and cookies on a regular basis. When we began changing our eating habits it made me want to look at all the other things that we were ingesting and using on our skin that could potentially affect our health in the future. Many people say, “Oh Joe Smoe has been eating or using this product for 100 years and they are still thriving and kicking!” That certainly may be true for some it is not going to be true for all.

As I Learn Healthier Habits…

It is our obligation to do better when we know better in order to preserve the health we have! I want my kids to grow up with them so that they can be the normal. I was already refusing fluoride treatments at the dentist since their first visits; changing from a fluoride to fluoride free toothpaste was not too far off for me. We tried 2 others before we found one that we have been sticking with. These three have been kid approved, mother tested. Before I could fully get on board with the toothpaste I wanted to see if it made my teeth feel clean. Number 1 ended up being our favorite.

The boys took a little bit of time to get on board with the difference in taste, but they finally came over to the cleaner side.

Effects of Fluoride on the Teeth and Body

Food and Products containing Fluoride


While small amounts of fluoride may not be harmful, we are exposed to fluoride in unknown varying amounts in our water we bathe, brush teeth, and cook with, toothpaste, mouthwash, foods that we eat, medicines we ingest, etc. So, it is important to control the amounts we ingest when we can. Below I will list the natural toothpastes we have tried from my favorite to least favorite.

1.) Hello Kids Fluoride Free Natural Watermelon Toothpaste

2.) Burt’s Bee Kids Fluoride Free Fruit Fusion Toothpaste

Burt’s Bees is a raved about brand and cheaper then Hello so I wanted to love it but I didn’t. The taste was doable for the kids and I but I didn’t like how my mouth only felt mildly clean. We finished it but I would not rebuy.

3.) Tom’s of Maine Natural Fluoride Free Silly Strawberry Toothpaste

This was the best tasting toothpaste among the three so for the reason I gave it multiple attempts before judging. While I did like the taste I HATED THE WAY MY MOUTH FELT AFTER USING. It did not make my mouth feel clean at all!


These are not the end all be all of toothpaste. Every person and mouth varies but I do recommend buying and trying for your own children. There are a couple of other brands that I look forward to trying including homemade.



I cannot wait to try this toothpaste but it is out of my price range right now at $10.99.

Homemade and D.I.Y

Many people are ALSO having much success making and even selling toothpaste that is made with products you have right at home or easily purchased on the ground quickly. I have not gotten on the DIY train yet but I look forward to experimenting more this year! I use natural pads, deodorant, diapers, and lotion I look forward to writing about in the near future!

What Natural products would you like to hear about?

Do you use a natural toothpaste? If so, what brand? Do you make your own?

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